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The Power of Age is an open learning and doing community for you, the members of the longevity generation. We’ve all heard that we’re living longer. Let’s learn how living longer changes what we know about aging. It’s new territory. We welcome you, the pioneers, to lead the way and to help us all create significantly more productive, healthier, creative and deeply satisfying older lives.

You’ve already taught us that social connection and participation is solid ground to stand on when thinking about designing new aging experiences. Our beta site is inspired by discussion and hands-on design sessions with many of you practicing the Power of Age. Use it to add your voice, learn from each other, and connect with others interested in bringing about aging experiences to anticipate.

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Download, Use and Share

Designing aging experiences for yourself or for others? This introductory set of tools can help you think about how to build social participation into your ideas. Use these tools to discover and communicate important insights and principles that can change current offerings or inspire whole new ideas.

Lens Cards

The connected card deck contains a dozen unique lenses that span social participation insights, behavior change strategies, collaborative innovation principles, and emerging trends that are drivers of change. Each card in this template features a question that acts as a prompt for teams as they brainstorm and/or refine new aging experience ideas. Cards can also be used as new evaluation criteria for current experience offerings.

Download card template

Connected Aging Experience Principles

These principles frame important experience attributes for a future that expands the pool of possibility for contribution, accomplishment, and connection. Use them to help teams or service providers get into the right mindset when designing for older adults.

Download PDF

Experience Videos

This set of five videos shares the voice and experience of people creating lives that demonstrate the power of age and social connection.

Designing Connected Aging Experiences Insights Report

From a study conducted by the Business Innovation Factory (BIF), this report illustrates what we learned when we stepped away from design for decline and the increased need for monitoring and care and focused instead on the experiences of those living a connected life.

Download Report

About the Power of Age

The Power of Age emerged from a study conducted by the Business Innovation Factory (BIF). Working with a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, BIF explored how we might transform the aging experience using social connection and participation as our toolset. By framing the “connected aging experience,” we believe we can influence everything — from the fabric of our neighborhoods and cities, to a sense of well-being, meaningful contribution, independence, and ultimately the health of all of us.